WPGulp-Ready Divi Child Theme

Instructions on how to use and configure Divi Child Theme with files ready for usage with WPGulp.
1. Download the theme and install it
2. In the theme folder run the terminal command ‘npx wpgulp’ (Without quotations)
3. Change following lines in the ‘wpgulp.config.js’ file:

– Line 15
From: wpgulp.local
To: the URL of your project

– Line 24
From: const styleSRC = ‘./assets/css/style.scss’;
To: const styleSRC = ‘./scss/style.scss’;

– Line 48
From: const jsCustomSRC = ‘./assets/js/custom/*.js’;
To: const jsCustomSRC = ‘./js/custom/*.js’;

– Line 51
From: const jsCustomDestination = ‘./assets/js/’;
To: const jsCustomDestination = ‘./’;

– Line 68
From: const watchStyles = ‘./assets/css/**/*.scss’;
To: const watchStyles = ‘./scss/**/*.scss’;

– Line 74
From: const watchJsCustom = ‘./assets/js/custom/*.js’;
To: const watchJsCustom = ‘./js/custom/*.js’;

If you find changing the ‘wpgulp.config.js’ file scary I will attach the edited one that you can use by replacing the existing one.
You will still need to change the URL of your project(Line 15)

Click the button below to download for edited and ready ‘wpgulp.config.js’ file

After you save the file, in your terminal run ‘npm start’ and begin with creating your awesome site.


NodeJs installed on your computer.
I recommend version 14.19 (newer versions might not work with WPGulp)

Divi (Parent) Theme installed on your website.

Want to work together?

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Also, if you have trouble with any of the freebies shared, contact me, and I’ll try to help the best way I can.