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Life Beyond Work

There is Zeljko the person beyond Zeljko the WordPress developer.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But, I also love other things – like video games, especially the ones made by Blizzard (WarCraft and HOTS).

All daily activities are accompanied by music, no specific genre, I just enjoy listening to songs that excite or relax me. I even DJ from time to time, at local bars but mostly at my own home.

The most constant part of my daily routine is the workout. I enjoy lifting weights, running, or just punching a bag.

Sometimes, I help the less fortunate in any way needed, with the hope to make somebody’s day just a little bit better. I believe our communities would be a better place if we all helped to the best of our abilities.

Don’t like to brag about it, but I do want to mention it since it is a part of who I am.
Occasionally I help the less fortunate in any way needed in the hope to make someone’s day a little happier and to try to inspire people to do the same.

If you are reading this and know someone that needs help, feel free to send me a message so that I can make my humble contribution.

To connect, chat, give or ask for a piece of advice – feel free to connect via any of the below channels of communication.


I’ve been a web developer for the past six years. The moment that I discovered WordPress, I slowly started to leave behind other tools and CMSystems and shifted my focus 100% towards WordPress.

– Freelancer
Like many others, I started as a freelancer working with local clients as well.
It was a nice and easy-going part of my journey. However, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I wasn’t delivering my best. That I wasn’t learning at the pace I was hoping to. Therefore, I decided to join a company.

– WordPress Support
Being a part of the WordPress support company gave me a chance to work with many businesses on their existing sites. It helped me get very familiar with a variety of web development directions, common WordPress issues, and the solutions for those issues.
The complex cases (and their frequency), together with the very long working hours, gave me a lot of experience fast. It was my dedication, however, that propelled me to the next step.

– Support Team Lead
Even though it was an honor to get promoted (and to have your results so highly valued), it meant more people management and less actual WordPress work.
I felt the need to continue learning and expanding my WordPress expertise, so I decided to switch paths once again and go in a completely other direction.

– Full-time WordPress developer
With an already extensive knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem, I joined a marketing company as a full-time web developer. My main job, of course, was to build WordPress websites.

This is where history repeated itself. I once again started being included in the decision-making process and having to train other colleagues. Even though I was humbled by the trust, I didn’t want to drift away from doing what I love and do best.

– Freelancer 2.0
Most sequels don’t go that well, I know. Not this one. With the knowledge, experience, and confidence that I’ve built over the years, the freelancing world was a much better place than I remembered.

– Codeable certified expert
The greatest accomplishment of my career, by far and so far, was passing the Codeable vetting and hiring process. I got the certificate and an incredible opportunity to become a part of the community of the WordPress’ top 2% developers.

My spot in the Codeable Expert community


“No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand”
– Napoleon Hill
Nikola Štulić

Nikola Štulić

WordPress Developer

Full-stack developer with a scientific background and strong organizational and planning skills. With more than 15 years in development.
Ivan Nikolić

Ivan Nikolić

Backend Developer

Working knowledge of web applications, programming languages, and web services, such as JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, security principles, REST, SOAP, MySQL databases, APIs, CSS, CSS3, cross-browser compatibility, HTML, HTML5.
Good knowledge of Linux terminal.

Stefan Banović

Stefan Banović

Junior Developer

A young padawan with a passion for front end and web design.
Three years in service working as a freelancer.

If you want to establish a mutually-beneficial collaboration with me, let’s talk! Let’s share ideas and opinions, and see how we can take our work to the next level.


“Work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”
– Napoleon Hill
So far, these are the best and most suitable tools that I found and worked with.

They Trust Me

Aside from end-clients, I collaborate with several companies on a variety of projects, from website troubleshooting, developing a new solution for existing websites, to building brand new projects.