Project Life & Development Process

Years of experience and countless websites helped me create an efficient and effective work process, tailored to avoid misunderstandings and to help me get the job done right, the first time.
That’s why I split each project into easy-to-follow steps that save us both time and money, and ensure you get the results you’re after.

Initial Contact

When we meet and greet.

I’ve either been recommended to you by one of my past or current clients, or you’ve stumbled upon me while searching for someone with my skillset and experience. The first contact usually happens via email.

We’ll start discussing your requirements and will try to figure out if we’re the right fit by introducing each other a bit further. If all goes well (which it should), we’ll schedule a meeting.


Briefing and discussing the budget and deadlines

Meeting will take place anywhere you prefer, whether it is Zoom, Meet, Whereby, Skype, or any other communication platform.

This is where you help me understand your vision and goals for the website.
We will go over the brief, budget, and deadlines which will determine the further path and the way we approach the project.

Project Requirements

Setting the concrete scope of the project.

After you’ve helped me fully understand the goals and challenges of the project, I sit down and itemize the scope of the project, breaking it down into separate tasks before sending it over to you for final approval.

At this stage, you can make revisions, additions, or subtractions to the scope, before we close this chapter and move on to the next one.

The Offer

The project estimate, milestones, and approval conditions.

Just so that we can make the process more straightforward and transparent, eliminating the surprises, I draft a project offer. It is designed to highlight and explain the project estimate, completion time frame, and milestone breakdown (including all deadlines and payment rounds).

If you need to make an additional comment or want to alter some of the details, we can do it via email or schedule another meeting to ensure all details are set right.

After you give me the final green light, I put my drive for perfection to work – and start transforming your idea into a reality.


What I work on and what you’re able to see.

In most projects there are 2 or 3 copies of your website at any point of the development.
1. Live: If your website already exists online, this is the version that will continue to “live” on your domain, unaffected by my work.
2. Local: This is where I do my work. Given that it is located on my personal computer, you do not have an access to it.
3. Development: A place you’ll be visiting whenever you get excited to track the progress of your project. It is located on my server, but you will have an accessible URL and/or the login info, depending on whether you want it to be accessible with or without the password.


Where the “magic” happens.

As mentioned above, my work will be performed in the local environment, and its preview will be accessible on the development one.
The frequency of the development environment update is one of the things we agree upon during one of the previous steps, but it usually gets set to come at the end of each workweek.
Of course, this can be altered, depending on the project or milestone requirements.

Beta & Revisions

MVP and potential improvements.

It’s exciting – we are quite close to the finish line at this point. Your website is already looking and performing very close to how it’s going to look and perform at the end.
This is the time to make potential changes to the original plan or content or to figure out if something doesn’t sit quite right on the actual website.

Based on the scope and the number of revisions we’ve agreed on previously, the changes are made within the original estimate. If that was not the case, we might have to take care of a new quote that will cover the additional work.

Quality Assurance

Testing and retesting.

When the revisions are complete, one final step is testing to make sure all the features and functionalities of the website to ensure it all works perfectly smooth.
The testing rounds are done by me personally, and again by the QA specialist, using the advanced tools that make sure no device or screen size is missed.

The Launch

The moment you’ve been waiting for!

After your approval of the final product, we take care of the payment. As soon as the payment is processed, the preparation, backup of the live site, and move to the live domain will commence.

Depending on the size of your new website, the process takes from 15 minutes to a few hours.

Support & Maintenance

You’re proud of your website. Let’s keep it that way.

To keep the website running as smoothly as on the launch day, it needs to be regularly maintained.

Website maintenance can mean different things, from performing basic plugin, theme, or WordPress core updates, to changing some of the content, functionalities, or even aspects of the appearance.
But depending on the site size, your needs, and technical knowledge it can also mean changing the content, functionality, and/or parts of the design.

If we enjoyed working together on the previous steps of the project, we can agree on a monthly retainer that will cover all your support and maintenance needs.

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